Electives subjects in college research essay introduction example

electives subjects in college research essay introduction example

You can learn a lot more about this type of courses in our essay sample. For many colleges and universities, students have courses required for their major and a For example, a student may choose an elective course in business, writing, you exposure to financial projection methods, spreadsheets, market research.
inventories, entrance requirements of a college or technical college, and the essential skills . Examples of Academic/Achievement Artifacts (High Quality Math Foundations* - Remedial Math class that will be counted as an elective .. This course will focus on crafting an extensive research paper, emphasizing.
EC2: College Writing 2; CE: Creative Expression; WCGI: World Cultures and Global Issues; LIT: Literature. PLAS: writing. The course culminates in a formal research paper produced in stages. Introduction to Comparative Literature. 3 hr., 3 cr. Prereq . Prereq.: At least one elective course in English or another literature. This course will examine the cultural forces that influence the creation, circulation, and interpretation of texts. Choosing a business course brings with it four major benefits including teamwork, problem solving, careers, and technology. Knowledge of a foreign language. The Literature of the Renaissance. Skip to Main Content. Explores contributions of the writer to the body of modern world literature - poetry, fiction, drama - along with aspects of the writers' politics and the social milieus that form their work. Introduction to and selective study of authors representing the enduring traditions and styles of American literature from the Puritan period through the Civil War. electives subjects in college research essay introduction example Thesis Statements: Four Steps to a Great Essay